Why You Might Not Be Allowed To Make Modifications To Your Car's Computer

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It may become impossible for you to work on your own car in the future or perform modifications. Given the computing power of many modern cars, tinkering with a car might be a modification of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The modifications that DIY car enthusiasts can make to on-board computers can create problems that might outweigh the benefits. The Risk Of Making Modifications To A Car Amateurs can make modifications to the coding.

24 February 2016

Troubleshooting And Repairing Your Own Automotive Lighting Problems

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Most automotive lighting problems are due to either a bad fuse or burned out bulb. In many cases, you can find the problem and repair it yourself. Here are the steps to perform your own troubleshooting of lighting problems in your car. Your Car's Lighting System All of the lights in the car run off of the battery and are connected to a fuse. The fuse protects the car from fire and you from a shock should the bulb short out.

19 January 2016