Why You Might Not Be Allowed To Make Modifications To Your Car's Computer

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It may become impossible for you to work on your own car in the future or perform modifications. Given the computing power of many modern cars, tinkering with a car might be a modification of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The modifications that DIY car enthusiasts can make to on-board computers can create problems that might outweigh the benefits.

The Risk Of Making Modifications To A Car

Amateurs can make modifications to the coding. However, mistakes in the new code can lead to the brakes failing, which can lead to a car crash. It is possible for motorists to make modifications to their cars that violate environmental protection laws. Most cars have a catalytic converter that breaks down emissions into gases that aren't hazardous to the environment. If the ECU fails to adequately control the emissions of your car, you may notice the exhaust pipe releasing black or blue smoke. Not only will the car be terrible for the environment, but will also use up fuel at a very high rate.

It may also be possible to modify the odometer to make a car appear to have fewer miles than it actually does. This has lead to car manufactures being concerned that they may face liability concerns as a result.

Signs That You Made A Mistake

After making a modification to a car, you may discover that it no longer wants to start. Your dashboard might trigger a check engine light. Other signs of mistakes made when modifying your computer are more subtle. For example, you might notice an unexpected drop in performance or fuel economy. Damaged computers often behave in a manner similar to that of computers with faulty transmissions.

Understanding The OBD

Manufacturers have fortunately agreed to create a common interface that can communicate problems with the computer. This is referred to as the OBD. To read the data from the OBD, you will need a relatively inexpensive scan tool. The OBD will provide data that is gathered from various sensors found throughout your car. It also provides the option to delete data.

How You Can Safely Make Modifications To Your Car

If a motorist would like to have a car modified, the motorist would either need to take the car to a dealership or to an automotive repair or maintenance company that is experienced with making such modifications. This is usually ideal, since manufacturers often know their cars better than third-parties.



24 February 2016

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