Never Dismiss The Red Flag A Check Engine Light Indicator Sends Out

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It is understandable to panic when the "check engine light" indicator on your car's dashboard goes on. The light could indicate a major problem with the engine. Or, the light could indicate something very minor. Regardless, you should never be dismissive of the check engine indicator. Instead, perform some basic fuel-related troubleshooting, avoid common mistakes, and take immediate steps to have a diagnostic run on the car. Check the Gas Cap

29 December 2014

Tips For A Safe Winter With Your Vehicle

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Winter weather can bring with it some beautiful landscapes as the snow falls along the countryside. Just don't tell that to the drivers trying to navigate the roadways as Mother Nature begins its art work. Winter can be a dangerous time of year for many drivers as the roads become coated with ice and snow. While there is always some risk to driving in wintry conditions, you can help put your mind at ease by taking steps to prepare your car or truck for the coming winter before it arrives.

18 December 2014

Emerging Tire Technologies That Will Minimize Your Need To Buy New Tires


The important thing with tires is to prevent the possibility of accidents before they happen. Fortunately, there are emerging technologies that make it so you will have less instances of accidents due to tire problems. Here are a few examples of preventative technologies for tire damage. Self-Sealing Tires Nothing will ruin a tire faster than driving over a nail and puncturing the inner section of the tire. Blowing out a tire is also one of the more dangerous things you can do while driving on the highway.

17 December 2014