Never Dismiss The Red Flag A Check Engine Light Indicator Sends Out

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It is understandable to panic when the "check engine light" indicator on your car's dashboard goes on. The light could indicate a major problem with the engine. Or, the light could indicate something very minor. Regardless, you should never be dismissive of the check engine indicator. Instead, perform some basic fuel-related troubleshooting, avoid common mistakes, and take immediate steps to have a diagnostic run on the car.

Check the Gas Cap

The first thing to do any time the light goes on is to check the gas cap.

A common reason why the check engine light goes on is the gas cap is too loose. When a cap is not tightened, fuel fumes might escape and set off the light. Tightening the cap or replacing a faulty one will lead to the light turning off on its own provided the gas cap was the problem.

Do not become myopic and assume there are no other problems. A myriad of other issues could set off the warning light. Dismiss other potential problems at your peril.

Be On The Lookout for Fuel Leaks

A possible source of gas fumes could be a leak in the fuel line. If the check engine indicator goes on and you notice the scent of gasoline inside the vehicle, chances are there is a leak. The leak could also be indicated by a significant and mysterious decrease in gas mileage.

A gas line leak is extremely dangerous and could lead to the vehicle catching fire. Obviously, you would not want to delay in having the necessary repairs done.

Always Have the Light Reset

Upon taking the vehicle in for a diagnostic, you may discover only a minor problem is causing the indicator light to remain on. Some drivers may choose to let the light remain on to avoid paying to reset the indicator. Doing so could prove to be a huge mistake since you will never know if another problem arises.

Take Repairs Seriously

Keep in mind, the next cause of the light going on could be a very serious one. Allowing the light to remain on after a "minor" diagnosis would be no different than disconnecting it. Either way, the light becomes useless. The next problem may not be solely emissions related. A major part could have to be replaced.

Have any necessary repairs done immediately. It is not just the cost of the car at risk when your engine is faulty. Your safety may be compromised as well. Get in touch with a repair service like ABS Unlimited Auto Repair for help with your car.


29 December 2014

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