Tips For A Safe Winter With Your Vehicle

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Winter weather can bring with it some beautiful landscapes as the snow falls along the countryside. Just don't tell that to the drivers trying to navigate the roadways as Mother Nature begins its art work. Winter can be a dangerous time of year for many drivers as the roads become coated with ice and snow. While there is always some risk to driving in wintry conditions, you can help put your mind at ease by taking steps to prepare your car or truck for the coming winter before it arrives.

Here are a few tips to help ensure that you and your vehicle make it safely through the coming winter:

Tires Are Key

Perhaps the most important part of your car to keep an eye on as fall turns to winter is the tires. If you don't already have all-weather tires and anticipate driving in the snow in the coming weeks, get to your local auto parts shop immediately.

Even if you already have proper tires, you still need to inspect them and make sure they have sufficient tire tread depth and pressure for the winter conditions to come. Continue to check your tire pressure on a regular basis throughout the winter months.

Illuminate the Situation

A car's exterior and interior lights are usually not at the top of the checklist when it comes to car maintenance. But even if your bulbs are designed to last for years, they can still lose some brightness over time. Make sure that all lights work properly and that your headlights are aimed correctly to illuminate as much of the road ahead as possible. If you notice any problems, take your car to a shop that specializes in car and truck repairing and service.

Don't Slack on Your Oil Changes

Every car owner has heard of the importance of changing their engine oil on a regular basis, but in reality, sometimes it's easy to cheat and drive your car for a little longer between oil changes than the guidelines from your car manufacturer would recommend. But winter is the one time of year you definitely want to make sure that your oil and filter are ready to go.

Dirty oil in the winter can cause engine problems as the liquid reacts to the cold. You could also consider taking your car to a professional to get a special winter weight oil put in your car for better results.

Don't let your car get knocked out for the count by winter weather. Take steps to ensure your car's tires, exterior and interior lights and engine oil are ready to help you navigate the hazardous roads you will encounter in the coming months. To learn more, contact a company like Dsuban Spring.


18 December 2014

Winter Tires: Everything You Need to Know

When you live in the coldest parts of the United States, you need to learn how to adapt your car to the prevailing weather conditions. Winter tires will improve traction, and can significantly lower the risk of a dangerous accident. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers don’t really understand how to choose the right winter tires, but, with fifteen years as a skilled mechanic, I hope I can use this blog to give you all the information you need. Whatever car you choose to drive, I will help you winterize your vehicle effectively, and I will also tell you about some of the problems that unsuspecting drivers face in the depths of winter. I hope you find the content interesting and informative!