3 Easy Ways To Help Your Vehicle Save Gas

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Even when gas prices are low, it's important to make sure that your vehicle is as energy efficient as possible. This is because it ensures that you are reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that you put into the atmosphere, increases the overall lifespan of the vehicle, and reduces your fuel costs. Luckily, there are three easy methods that you can use to increase the overall fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

1. Make Sure That Your Tires are Perfect

One of the main factors that determines fuel efficiency is how hard your vehicle has to work in order to keep moving. The easiest way to make your vehicle not have to work very hard is to have tires that are in good condition. This means making sure that they are fully inflated, have enough tread and are not too worn down, and are properly balanced. By making sure that your tires are able to carry the car without putting additional stress on the engine, you will reduce the amount of gas that you need to use to run the vehicle.

2. Get Rid of Any Weight

Do not use your vehicle for permanent or long-term storage for any item, especially if it is heavy. A large amount of weight in the vehicle will force the engine to have to work much harder and require more fuel in order to do so. By keeping any items that you do not absolutely need out of the car, it will be possible for you to lighten your load and make it easier for the car to move.

3. Use the Windows in Stop and Go Traffic

If you are travelling on the highway, keeping the windows open in order to reduce the amount of air conditioning you need is counter-intuitive. The resulting drag from the wind through the open windows will make it harder for the car to run. However, if you are in stop and go traffic, such as when you are in the middle of a city, it makes much more sense to use the windows as opposed to the air conditioning because you are not travelling fast enough for the drag to matter. Using your air conditioning wisely reduces the amount of fuel being wasted.

For more information about making your car more fuel efficient, contact your local auto repair shop or places like Applewood Automotive. They will have a host of tips and tricks so that you can get the most out of a tank of gas.


8 January 2015

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