4 Signs Your Vehicle Is Overheating


When you are driving, your temperature gauge should never go above the red line or hot setting, but this isn't always the first thing that happens when your vehicle overheats. A vehicle overheating means the engine or transmission is overheating, which could mean major repairs if you aren't careful. To protect yourself and prevent further complications of your vehicle, pay attention to your car's warning signs that it is overheating.

The Temperature Gauge is Going Up

One of the first things you will notice when your vehicle is overheating is that the temperature gauge is going up. While this should not be the only thing you pay attention to, it can still be a good sign. Your temperature gauge on the dashboard should have a "C" or blue mark on the bottom for cold, mark in the middle to signal it is an average temperature, and a "H" or red mark at the top for hot. If the gauge goes above that mark in the middle and starts creeping toward the hot reading, you know your vehicle is at risk for overheating.

The Heater Blows Cold Air

If you have your heater turned on, but you start feeling a cold gust of air through it instead of hot air, you may have an overheating problem. When cold air comes through a heater instead of hot air, it is usually the result of being low on coolant. Your vehicle is not yet overheating, but it is at great risk of doing so. Being low or out of coolant can cause you to overheat very quickly. Pull over or get to a safe place and add coolant once your vehicle cools off.

You See Smoke or Steam

More often than not, seeing smoke or steam come from the hood or your exhaust is a sign of overheating. The exception is if your car is very cold in the morning or during the winter, and a very light amount of steam comes out of the exhaust. However, if it looks like a heavy cloud of smoke, it is due to overheating. The same can be said for any type of smoke coming out of the hood. You may also smell a burning odor when this occurs, which means you need to pull over immediately and get emergency assistance.

Spilling Coolant

Do you notice a large puddle of fluid leaking out of your vehicle whenever it is parked? This might actually be your coolant leaking out, which is another common sign of a vehicle that has been overheating. If you use antifreeze, it may be a bright green color, though some coolant is now a clear or bluish color. You should not be leaking any type of fluid whenever you park your car, especially enough to look like a small puddle. See a mechanic, like someone from Joe's Transmissions Services Inc., if this happens.


12 January 2015

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