Why Go To A Dealership For Toyota Service Or Repair Work?


There are many options available when you need to take your Toyota vehicle to be serviced or repaired. Tire shops, national auto repair center chains, and even some gas stations can perform service and repair work. Their prices are also usually much lower than those charged at Toyota dealerships. However, lower priced service or repair work can cost you much more if work is not done correctly. 

Why choose a dealership for Toyota repair?

A Toyota dealership is your best option for Toyota service and repair because they are specialists. They provide:

Specialized training

Mechanics at Toyota dealerships are factory trained to work specifically on Toyota vehicles. Their training is consistently updated as new technologies are developed, and the dealership itself must pass rigorous qualifications to become and remain certified to perform work on Toyota vehicles.

Toyota dealership service centers are familiar with specific scheduled maintenance and offer packages that will keep your Toyota vehicle in compliance with warranty specifications, and allow your vehicle to operate at maximum performance.

Toyota certified parts

One major concern about taking your Toyota vehicle to be serviced by facilities not certified by Toyota is the possible use of aftermarket parts. These are substitutes for Toyota certified parts, and one reason why other service facilities can charge less than a Toyota dealership. Couple aftermarket parts with mechanics that are not Toyota certified, and you may be looking at expensive future repairs or potentially dangerous malfunctions.

Fluid replacement is also an issue. Toyota dealerships use only the specific grades of fluids such as oil and coolant that are necessary to protect your car' s engine from wear or overheating. Use of less expensive fluids by other facilities can shorten the life of your car over time. 

Manufacturers recalls

Occasionally, Toyota may conduct a factory recall to correct an issue with a defective or malfunctioning part. Only Toyota certified repair facilities are authorized to perform these free services.

Warranty work

Toyota service work that is covered by the manufacturer's warranty can only be performed at Toyota dealership service centers like Trusted Imports

Although having your Toyota service work done at a Toyota dealership may cost more in the short term, your car will last longer and you may avoid expensive future repairs. It can be compared to taking care of your health. Organic foods are much better for your health than other foods, but are less costly overall for your health and longevity.


16 January 2015

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