Improve The Fuel Efficiency Of Your Car

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Gas prices are unpredictable and that means that the amount of money you spend on gas can vary from month to month. If you want to keep your costs low, you need to make sure that you use your fuel as efficiently as possible. In order to keep costs low, you might want to improve the function of your engine. The designers of stock engines are often more concerned with keeping costs low than they are with making sure your engine functions the best it possibly can. Getting an auto repair technician to install aftermarket parts to improve the function of your engine will help to improve the performance of your engine. 

A Performance Manifold

A manifold will channel air from your air intake to the combustion chambers in your engine. The problem with a stock manifold is that it may have sharp corners and won't be designed to handle high pressure. Thus, if you do anything to improve the flow of air through your engine, the increase in air pressure might cause the manifold to fail. A performance manifold will have a consistent diameter all the way through and will not have sharp corners that can cause bottlenecks. It should also be made from a durable metal that will stand up well to high pressure. 

Installing a Turbocharger

When the pistons in your engine withdraw, they create suction which pulls air into the chambers. While you will get some air into your engine, you will not get enough to completely combust the fuel in your engine. By adding a turbocharger, you can increase the flow of air into your combustion chambers. A turbocharger will use the flow of exhaust out of your engine to power a turbine which will push air into the through your manifold. The more air you have in your combustion chamber, the more fuel you can combust, and the less fuel you waste. 

The one problem with increasing the flow of air into your engine is that if you are not careful with how you drive, you may end up burning more fuel rather than less. If you accelerate quickly and speed from place to place, your tuned-up engine will deliver more power but at the cost of efficiency. Thus, to get the most from your upgrades, you will want to drive conservatively, so that you burn the fuel flowing into your engine more completely instead of just burning more fuel. 


26 January 2015

Winter Tires: Everything You Need to Know

When you live in the coldest parts of the United States, you need to learn how to adapt your car to the prevailing weather conditions. Winter tires will improve traction, and can significantly lower the risk of a dangerous accident. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers don’t really understand how to choose the right winter tires, but, with fifteen years as a skilled mechanic, I hope I can use this blog to give you all the information you need. Whatever car you choose to drive, I will help you winterize your vehicle effectively, and I will also tell you about some of the problems that unsuspecting drivers face in the depths of winter. I hope you find the content interesting and informative!