3 Important Steps When Buying A Used Car

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If you are looking for a car, it's always a good option to look at used cars. These vehicles can be bought at low prices, and in order to make the process go as smoothly as possible, you can take certain steps:

Inspect the Body

Before purchasing a used car, it's important to inspect it in person. Make sure to pay particular attention to the body. If you notice small dents on it, try to negotiate with the seller. A lot of times they will lower the price because of the body damage, giving you the chance to save some money.

To restore the used car's body, you can take the car to an auto repair shop. For minor dents caused by hail or other things, repair specialists can do a procedure called paintless dent removal. This is where a pick is placed directly behind the dent inside the panel. The pick massages the inner panel until the dent is not visible anymore. Thanks to this removal process, your used car is not going to have to be sanded and repainted. 

Check PSI of Tires

A lot of used cars may not have been driven in a while, which causes air to slowly get out of the tires. When this happens, your used car may not handle correctly and you could wreck. For this reason, it's always smart to check the PSI (pounds per square inch) of each tire before taking it out on the road for the first time.

It's best to use a digital tire pressure gauge, as these are simple to read. Get the numbers for each tire, and then compare them with the ideal PSI range. This number can be found in the owner's manual of your used car. If your tires need more air, you can take the car to an auto repair shop.

Purchase Liability Insurance

After inspecting the car's body and tires, it's smart to purchase liability insurance for your used car. The road is an unpredictable place, and sometimes you are going to get in a wreck. If you are at fault for a wreck, you don't have to worry about paying for medical bills or any property damage if you have liability insurance.

The economy can be tough today, and in order to save money on this insurance, it's a good idea to ask the insurance provider if they offer discounts. Some companies have discounts on things like a good driving record or safety devices installed in the car.

Buying a used car in today's economy is a solid move. In order to get through this process without having to stress, you can purchase liability insurance, inspect the body and check the PSI of each tire. To learn more, contact a company like Grey Chevrolet Inc. with any questions you have.


5 February 2015

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