Should You Purchase A Used Car With A Salvage Title?


If you are shopping around for a used vehicle, you may find that the best deals are vehicles with a salvage title. This is because a car salvage title is one given to a car when it has sufficient damage, either from a collision or other sources. The vehicle is salvaged and repaired and then re-sold at a much lower price. Here is more information about used car salvage titles and whether you should choose this type of used vehicle.

Types of Damage

Before you buy a car that has a salvage title, you should be aware of what kind of damage it might have had. In many cases, it was a major collision, but there are also other sources of damage that could warrant a salvage title. This includes the following:

Theft recovery – If the vehicle was stolen and found, it may have had some missing parts or damage to the exterior or interior of the vehicle. Some states automatically issue a salvage title when this happens. If vandalism was involved, many states require a salvage title.

Weather damage – Damage from extreme weather may also cause some damage, such as flood damage from a vehicle that was completely flooded by a major storm or hail damage to the body of the vehicle.

Collision – Collision is also a major source of damage with a salvage title. This may have been collision with an animal, another vehicle, a tree, or any standing structure.

The Importance of a Vehicle Report

Before you consider buying a used car that has a salvage title, make sure you get a detailed vehicle report. This should include all accidents or types of damage the vehicle has had, and a full inspection of the frame and mechanical elements.

Frame inspection – The first part of the inspection you should get is a frame inspection. Collisions and other sources of damage can do a number on the frame of the vehicle. By getting it inspected, you will know the actual condition of the frame. If you are buying the vehicle from an auto dealer, they might have already had this performed, so make sure you find that out first.

Mechanical inspection – You also want to have a manual inspection done or find out if this inspection was completed for the used vehicle. Cars with a salvage title could have a variety of mechanical problems. All used cars typically get a mechanical inspection, as it shows you the condition of the car and how reliable it will be.

There is no reason you can't buy a used car with a salvage title as long as it has gone through the right inspections and had sufficient repairs. Just be careful when buying this type of car, and don't forget about looking into the vehicle history before jumping into the purchase. For more information, contact a business such as Auto Max.


11 February 2015

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