Start It Up! Four Myths About Remote Start For Your Vehicle

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A remote start is likely one of the most common aftermarket products installed on a vehicle, and with good reason. Because you no longer have to worry about slipping into a freezing car in winter or a sweltering car in summer, it's one of the most useful accessories to have. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about having remote start installed on your car. Here's a look at some of the most common myths, and the real truth behind them.

Myth #1: Remote Start Wastes Money And Is Bad For My Engine. The idea of your vehicle just sitting there idling while you're not driving seems like it might waste fuel and cause unnecessary wear on the engine. But most mechanics would agree that it's actually a little better for your engine to warm up and have a little oil circulating before you drive. This is especially true in cold weather, when most would be letting their car run for a little anyway. While there will be some fuel used, that cost is negligible unless you're letting your car sit for longer than 30 minutes.

Myth #2: A Remote Start Will Void My Warranty. While many people believe that delving into your car's inner workings automatically voids the warranty, this is not true. In fact, a federal law was passed in the 1970s that states properly installed aftermarket products will not void your warranty. A word of warning, though: the law doesn't protect you against poorly installed aftermarket products. If something isn't installed properly on your car, and that product causes damage, your warranty likely won't apply. Make sure you've got a reputable person working on your car.

Myth #3: A Garage Kept Vehicle Would Never Use Remote Start. You may keep your vehicle in a garage at home, but what about when you come home from work? Or the store? You may not have trouble warming up when you leave your garage, but you won't always be parking in a climate controlled environment. Just because you have a garage at home doesn't mean you'd never benefit from a remote start.

Myth #4: Remote Start Won't Work On A Chipped Key. As a safety feature, many car keys today have electronic chips in them, so the car will only crank if the engine receives a transmission from the key. In most cases, solutions are available for this, and remote start can be added to your car while you keep your same key. Just because your car has a "fancy" key doesn't mean you're disqualified from remote start. Some of the misinformation about remote start has likely come from people who have had low quality products installed. A quality product and a quality installation can give you one of the best additions to your vehicle possible.   


23 February 2015

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