How To Install Winter Tires On Your Car

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If you live in a cold climate where snow plays a factor in the driving conditions, installing snow tires is highly recommended. Snow tires will improve your overall traction on the round and will allow you more control of the vehicle when driving in slippery or wet road conditions. Installing a new set of winter tires on your vehicle is fairly simple and can be done by following the steps outlined below. For this job you will need the following items:

  • 1 set of four snow tires
  • 1 tire iron
  • 1 pump jack
  • 2 heavy bricks or large blocks of wood
  • 1 safety stand
  • 1 blanket for the ground

1 - Start by checking the existing tires on the vehicle for the size before you purchase the new snow tires. Make sure that you have the correct make and model of vehicle and purchase a set of four snow tires that will be compatible with your car.

2 - Place the pump jack underneath the front side of the vehicle under the sub-frame. Pump up the jack until the tires are a few inches off the ground and you are provided with ample room to work. Support the jack with a safety stand to hold up the vehicle in the event that the jack comes loose.

3 - Place either wooden blocks or large bricks in front of the rear tires to prevent the car from rolling or moving.

4 - Use the tire iron to loosen and remove the lug nuts and then remove the old wheel. Make sure that you put each nut into a safe location, as you will need them when it comes time to tighten the new winter tires in place.

5 - Install the new winter tire in place of the old one.

6 - Secure the new winter tire in place by putting the lug nuts back on and tightening them with the tire iron. Tighten the screws until they are snug, but don't over tighten the nuts, as it could be difficult if you ever need to remove them at a later date.

7 - Remove the safety stand and lower the car back down to the ground.

8 - Repeat the process for each individual tire replacing the old one with a new winter tire. When both front wheels are complete, make sure that you place the wooden block or bricks in place of the front tires to prevent it from rolling as you work on the car.

New winter tires can help you maintain control of the car when the road conditions are wet and slippery. If you don't have time or patience to install winter tires on your car, then take it to a professional auto repair location like By-Pass Auto Body and have a certified mechanic put the winter tires on for you.


6 March 2015

Winter Tires: Everything You Need to Know

When you live in the coldest parts of the United States, you need to learn how to adapt your car to the prevailing weather conditions. Winter tires will improve traction, and can significantly lower the risk of a dangerous accident. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers don’t really understand how to choose the right winter tires, but, with fifteen years as a skilled mechanic, I hope I can use this blog to give you all the information you need. Whatever car you choose to drive, I will help you winterize your vehicle effectively, and I will also tell you about some of the problems that unsuspecting drivers face in the depths of winter. I hope you find the content interesting and informative!