How To Fix A Dent By Inflating A Basketball

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The body of a car can be dented fairly easily and can leave scratches or chip the paint if it is not dealt with immediately. You should always take your car into a professional auto body specialist to repair the job if at all possible. If you don't have the money that it costs to repair a dent, then you can attempt to fix it yourself. Here is a step-by-step list of instructions on how to repair minor dents in the side panel on your own.

To complete this task you will need the following items:

One basketball

One air pump 

One Hair dryer

1 - Start by taking the basketball and letting the air out of it. Make sure that the basketball is completely deflated so that it can slide in behind the door panel.

2 - Locate the exact location of the dent in the side panel of the vehicle and apply heat to make the door panel more flexible. Start by plugging in the hairdryer and set it to low heat. Apply heat directly to the side panel by holding the hairdryer about an inch or two from the dent. Don't let the hairdryer sit in the same spot for more than twenty seconds or you could potentially burn the paint of the car.  Once the side panel is heated up, move quickly to the next step so the dent doesn't have time to cool down again. 

3 - Now that the door panel has been heated up, take the deflated basketball and slide it in behind the door panel. Make sure that you can attach the air pump to the basketball once it is inside the door.

4 – Attach the air pump and begin to slowly inflate the basketball. Make sure that if the pump is automatic that you have it set to low air setting so that the ball doesn't inflate too fast. As the ball inflates over the dent it will slowly begin to pop the dent out of the door panel. Once the dent pops out make sure that you immediately shut off the air.

5 – Deflate the ball and take it out of the side panel to complete the job.  

For major dents you should always take your car it to an auto repair shop, such as Denville Transmission, as they can take apart the car panels and remove the dents without damaging the car. 


22 April 2015

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