Tips for Choosing the Right Plow for Your Truck

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If you've been thinking about investing in snow removal equipment to venture into a new side business, you need to be sure that you understand your options. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to think about before investing in a new plow for your truck.

Truck Specifications

The options available for snow plows will largely be determined by the type of vehicle that you're going to use for plowing. You'll need to know the gross axle weight of the vehicle and the condition of the drive train. It's important to remember that pushing a snowplow is going to cause more wear and tear on the truck, particularly from the added weight. As a result, it's essential that the plow you choose is rated for the weight and dimensions of the truck. If you choose a plow that's too large, you risk bending the frame of the truck in an effort to support the weight.

Plow Shape

When you start shopping for the plow that will fit your truck, you'll find that there are many different shapes and styles. A plow that is wide and straight will make it easier to clear snow out of spaces with fewer repeated passes. This makes it a great choice if you're plowing in open areas that get lots of snow. On the other hand, a V-shape to the plow will make it easier to direct the snow where you want it. The pivot point on a V-shaped plow allows you to control the angle at which it pushes the snow. This is an ideal choice if you are trying to move snow to one side of a street or the other.

Plow Material

Along with considering the shape of the plow, you also need to think about the material it's made from. Most plows are either polyethylene or steel. Steel plows are heavy, and they typically require that you have a heavy-duty truck for proper support. If your truck won't hold up to the weight of a steel plow, though, you can buy a polyethylene plow instead. They're lighter, so they won't strain the frame or your truck's drive train.

With the information here, you can be better prepared to choose the right plow for your truck before launching your new snow removal business. When you understand the types of plows available and what your truck will support, you're more likely to be successful in choosing a plow that your truck will handle without added strain. Consider speaking with a representative from Drake-Scruggs Equipment Inc for more information or to order your plow.


1 July 2015

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