How To See The West On Your Motorcycle

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If you are heading west on your motorcycle, you're sure to see some pretty amazing sights. Whether you are returning because of your love for this vast area or whether you are seeing it for the first time in your life, be ready to experience such a variation of nature that it boggles the mind.  

A Good Place To Start - Texas!

  • Texas is a really good place to start your adventure because it so large that it offers a lot to see. There are many RV parks in San Antonio that you can call base as you experience the many cultures of San Antonio. After San Antonio, the trip to El Paso will be a logical transition to continue your Western adventure.
  • When you finally get out of this huge state, consider heading to Las Cruces, New Mexico and visit the old town section for a taste of old Mexico.
  • If you're interested in looking at old mining camps, take your motorcycle to the charming city of Durango, Colorado. Besides mining camps, you'll be close enough to Mesa Verde, Silverton and Ouray. Again, there are plenty of places for you to camp. If you prefer staying at one of the historic hotels, there is almost always free parking for your motorcycle.
  • Traveling through Arches National Park and onto Moab will remind you of places you have seen in cowboy movies. In Utah, you'll have the opportunity to see more mines and little towns that were settled by the Mormon pioneers. Consider cycling to Bryce National Park for a motorcycle ride that will take your breath away.

Do Your Homework - Think about places you'll stay and where you can get services for your motorcycle along the way.

  • Many RV parks require reservations and they often fill up really fast over the summer months. Sometimes there is also a minimum stay requirement, so it will be important for you to find that out in advance.
  • Find out ahead of time where you can get service in case your motorcycle needs it. If you bought a used motorcycle, did it come with an extended warranty? If you bought it brand new, perhaps you bought one at that time. If not, before you leave, consider getting extra warranties for your motorcycle.. For example, the Honda extended warranty covers mechanical failures that happen because of defects in materials or faults that occurred at the factory where it was assembled. If your motorcycle requires service, you'll have the peace of mind that professionals will be working on your motorcycle so that you can get back on the road again.

Have a great adventure as you travel west!


21 July 2015

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