Starting Your Own Towing Business: Tips For Success

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If you live in an area where tow trucks are scarce, starting your own towing company can certainly be a profitable venture. Whether it's shopping centers or apartment complexes who need help removing unwelcome cars, or every day drivers in need of roadside assistance, a towing service is an important part of the driving landscape. If you've considered starting your own company (like R & R Towing) , read on to find out what you can do to begin your business.

Develop a Plan

Of course, before you can start any business, you should always draft up a plan. Think about the costs incurred from purchasing tow trucks as well as hiring people and fuel. Then, decide on what you plan to charge customers per tow. Do you have enough room to securely store towed vehicles as well as your fleet? Have you applied for a business license? What about the proper insurance you will need? All of things will come into play, so it's important to have them ready to be put into action.

Putting the Plan Into Action

Before you can get towing, you'll need the right vehicles. A good place to start are auctions, where you might just find some decent trucks at a much lower cost. Many retired fleets or companies who are upgrading their current trucks may be willing to offer you their older models at a reduced price. Look online to find what the current costs are for most tow trucks so you can get a good idea of a fair price. Remember, before you purchase any vehicles you'll need to have them fully inspected and tested to make sure they can handle the heavy burden placed on tow trucks.

Get a Surety Bond

Tow truck companies should always get a surety bond, which is designed to protect you in the event of a lawsuit or possible settlement. You will also need liability insurance that will cover yourself and your customers in case a vehicle gets damaged. Everyone who drives for your tow company will also need to be added to your motor vehicle insurance policy. Make sure you're covered in all aspects so you can be prepared if anything goes wrong.


Now that you're ready to star towing, it's time to sell yourself. Approach local shopping centers, apartment complexes, and even city buildings to find out if they have a need for a towing services. Draft up a contract in advance that they can sign so you can lock in their business. Advertise in the local paper and other publications to spread the word about your new company. Word of mouth can spread quickly and soon you'll be ready to hit the road and make a profit. 


19 October 2015

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