Should You Get a Generic Part to Fix Your Car?

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When your car breaks down and needs to be repaired, you will have to decide what kind of part you want to use to fix it. You can pick from a genuine part that is made by your car's manufacturer or a generic part that is usually much cheaper. It's comparable to buying store brand groceries at times: There are some foods that are indistinguishable from their name brand counterpart, while others just seem a bit off. This applies to auto parts as well.

Before making a decision on a generic auto part, consider these 3 factors.

The Options

When it comes to generic parts, there are many options to pick from. This can sound like a good thing, but the abundance of different generic parts can make it difficult to figure out which ones are built to last. Even simple parts, like spark plugs, have dozens of manufacturers that make them. Each brand also will vary in terms of quality, and not every brand is going to work great in your car. This can be a problem when selecting a part if you are doing the repair yourself.

Thankfully, your local auto shop will have experience with using generic parts and should be able to recommend a part from a manufacturer that they trust. The alternative is to buy a genuine part, which is an exact replica of the part that needs replacement.

The Warranty

Generic parts do not usually come with a warranty on them, but that is so the sellers can keep the cost low. If the part does have a warranty, it is for a period of time that is measured in months instead of years.

It is common for genuine parts to have a warranty that lasts a lifetime, or at least several years. Unfortunately, these warranties can be voided for reasons such as excessive wear or not having the part installed by a certified mechanic. If you are doing the repair yourself, this can make using a genuine part much more expensive than a generic part.

The Fit

A genuine part is the only way to guarantee that the replacement part matches the old one in every way. That said, generic parts will claim that they are made to the exact same specifications as a genuine part.

You must gauge when having an exact replica of a part is crucial to your car repair. For example, if you are having a body work done, you will want the new panel to fit your car perfectly so that there are no visual imperfections. As for an oil filter, you most likely won't notice a difference with a generic part when your car is back on the road.

Still not sure if you should get a generic or genuine part for your car? Contact a representative from a company like Knoll Automotive Services for more help.


20 November 2015

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