Keeping Your Vehicle's Tires Clean


The tires you have on your vehicle should be cleaned regularly to not only keep them looking sharp but also to help keep harmful dust from getting into your wheel well, possibly damaging your brake pads as a result. Routine cleaning can help your vehicle keep its traction and can aid in proper braking. Here are some instructions you can use to help you clean your tires properly. Materials You Will Need

9 April 2015

Should You Purchase A Used Car With A Salvage Title?


If you are shopping around for a used vehicle, you may find that the best deals are vehicles with a salvage title. This is because a car salvage title is one given to a car when it has sufficient damage, either from a collision or other sources. The vehicle is salvaged and repaired and then re-sold at a much lower price. Here is more information about used car salvage titles and whether you should choose this type of used vehicle.

11 February 2015

Four Pieces Of Advice For Buying Used Car Parts


Fixing up your car can get pretty expensive, especially if you buy new for replacement parts. What you may not know is that there are some parts that are just as good used as they are new, which can save you a bundle in the long run. This can be particularly helpful especially if you've ever been in the position where you are waiting weeks for a replacement part to get your car running again from an auto shop.

29 January 2015

Why Go To A Dealership For Toyota Service Or Repair Work?


There are many options available when you need to take your Toyota vehicle to be serviced or repaired. Tire shops, national auto repair center chains, and even some gas stations can perform service and repair work. Their prices are also usually much lower than those charged at Toyota dealerships. However, lower priced service or repair work can cost you much more if work is not done correctly.  Why choose a dealership for Toyota repair?

16 January 2015

4 Signs Your Vehicle Is Overheating


When you are driving, your temperature gauge should never go above the red line or hot setting, but this isn't always the first thing that happens when your vehicle overheats. A vehicle overheating means the engine or transmission is overheating, which could mean major repairs if you aren't careful. To protect yourself and prevent further complications of your vehicle, pay attention to your car's warning signs that it is overheating.

12 January 2015

Emerging Tire Technologies That Will Minimize Your Need To Buy New Tires


The important thing with tires is to prevent the possibility of accidents before they happen. Fortunately, there are emerging technologies that make it so you will have less instances of accidents due to tire problems. Here are a few examples of preventative technologies for tire damage. Self-Sealing Tires Nothing will ruin a tire faster than driving over a nail and puncturing the inner section of the tire. Blowing out a tire is also one of the more dangerous things you can do while driving on the highway.

17 December 2014